Why We Work with Military Families & Veterans

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After serving our country, military families and veterans deserve the peace of mind that comes with financial security. Unfortunately, there is often a huge gap between the financial planning resources military families need and what they have access to. At Aviance Capital Partners, we strive to bridge that gap by offering comprehensive financial services with the needs of military families and veterans in mind. Here are three reasons why we work with this group and how we can make a difference in your financial future.

Why Does Aviance Capital Partners Work with Military Families? 

  • We Have a Shared Experience

Aviance is a firm founded by veterans, employing veterans, and working with veterans. Others of us without direct military experience are proud to have friends and family who do. No matter which branch you were part of or where you served, we believe there is a wide set of shared values based on these experiences.

We also believe that veterans can feel better working with someone who has been in their shoes. We have personal experience navigating issues like VA medical processes, Service/Veterans Group Life Insurance, Pensions with Disability payments, etc. We are a firm who knows how to deal with these matters because we deal with them ourselves—and you can trust we will treat your situation with at least the same level of care.

  • We Speak the Same Language

If you’ve ever caught yourself having to explain military acronyms and hierarchy to the civilians in your life, then you know firsthand that serving in the military comes with its own distinct language. At Aviance, we speak this language as well as you do. You’ll never have to worry about explaining what TSP, SBP, or BRS is. We already know. This gives us the ability to bond with our clients because we understand more than just their finances. We understand the people, families, veterans, and military servicemembers behind the financial accounts and what they have gone through to earn their benefits.

  • We Understand Your Financial Needs

No matter which phase of military life you’re in, we can create a plan for you that is narrowly tailored to your needs, but based on our broad understanding about the financial implications of serving in the military. From active duty to reserves or retirement, the Aviance WealthPlan™ is designed to help you find peace of mind and financial security throughout every stage of life.

What Financial Topics Do We Cover for Military Families? 

We help military service members and veterans navigate topics like:

Active Duty Reserves Retired
Tax-free pay Healthcare coverage Pension & cash flow management
Legal residency Employer sponsored retirement plans TSP rollover
Thrift Savings Plans USERRA implications Disability payments
Savings Deposit Program Long-term care
Life insurance
Home financing
Education funding


Create an Aviance WealthPlan™

When asked why we work with military families and veterans, our answer is it just makes sense. Between our shared experiences and our deep understanding of the financial considerations of serving in the military, we can offer comprehensive planning tailored to your needs. To learn more about the Aviance WealthPlan™ and its applications for military families, reach out to us at 239-598-4747 or email wealthrelations@aviancepartners.com today.

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