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When consumers are feeling good, they are typically spending money. Further, when consumers transition from feeling quite cautious to feeling better, what often follows is the start of a new economic growth cycle. Last July, we saw record-low levels of consumer sentiment as measured by the University of Michigan’s Index

Our current view of the economy and markets is: Corporate earnings may be heading for a quarter or two of low growth; Consumers appear to be in better shape than feared heading into 2023; and The investment setup looks to favor low-risk opportunities such as short-term bonds and higher quality

A brief review of the past two years helps set the stage for where things may be headed over the next several months: What started as an isolated case of limited supplies of toilet paper, eventually, morphed into empty shelves for all sorts of goods. More frustrating was the knowledge

The month of April typically brings thoughts of tax returns due, but there is a lot more to this month. April is also Autism Awareness Month, a topic we feel passionate about here at Aviance Capital Partners. As a financial planning and investment advisory firm working with both individuals with

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